Featured Destination: Murmansk, Russia

Featured Tour: Miss Happyfeet's Northern Lights Package.

Duration: 5 days, 4 Nights

Reindeer Encounter in Husky Park, Murmansk
Encountering a reindeer in the Husky Park. Murmansk.
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1. It is advisable to spend more time in the Kola Peninsula if you want to catch a glimpse of the Northen Lights, as it is purely a natural phenomena which is unpredictable. No one could guarantee the sighting as it depends on several factors: weather, condition of the sky (clear? cloudy?), solar activity, colossal storms and more. However, your guide at vleto.ru will do everything they can so that you could have the highest chance of witnessing the spirit's dance. 
2. This is an approximate outline of the program. The itinerary is subjected to changes (according to the weather). 3. The more tourists you have in your group, the cheaper is your tour! Please request the price, contacts can be found in the link at the end of this page.

Day 1

Your English tour guide will meet you at the Murmansk Airport. Your hotel will be right in the heart of Murmansk city.
Activity of the day:
1. City tour, including excursion to the first Nuclear-powered Icebreaker "Lenin".
2. Hunting for Northen Lights (subject to changes)***
Service included :  Transfer from airport Check in 

Aurora in Murmansk, Russia
Aurora in Murmansk, Russia
Lenin Nuclear Power Icebreaker, Murmansk
The Nuclear-Powered Ice-Breaker "Lenin".
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Day 2

Activity of the day:
1. Tour to Teriberka with lunch included. 
Highlight: learn the history of this place, its everyday life and the award winning film «Leviafan». Enjoy the beautiful views of the Barents Sea and a stop at the magnificent waterfall that flows into the Arctic Ocean.
2. Tour «Hunting for Nothern Lights» (Subject to changes)*** Meals included:  Breakfast and Lunch
Sunrise on the way to Teriberka.
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Day 3

Today you will leave the city of Murmansk and set out for Lovozero.  Services included:  Check out. transfer to village Lovozero Meals included: Breakfast in hotel, Lunch in Samskaya Village and afternoon tea in Husky Park.
Activity of the day: 1. Visit Saamskaya Vilage (Lappish village) Highlights: - learn about the national structures: tents, Kawakami and national utensils. - visit the alley of majestic idols: see the four idola of elements (fire, earth, water, air) and five majestic idols of love, happiness, luck, fate and health (You will be taught to make a wish with a kopeek coin). - Get acquaintance with the fauna of the Sami settlement: reindeers, polar foxes, arctic bunnies and other animals. - Get a chance to feed the reindeers. photography is allowed. - Have your photo taken dressing in the national costume of the indigenous Sami people. - Lunch time: (National Lappish Dishes) Salmon soup and potatoes, with reindeer meats as add-on, cost extra.
Sami Village, Lapish Village
New reindeer friends.
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2. A Visit to the Husky Park Highlights: - Excursion around the park, meet the reindeers - Communicate with cute Siberian huskies (equipment for extra cost); - Husky-sleigh riding - Afternoon Tea and light lunch (national dish – fish cream soup and mush)
Husky selfie
Epic Wefie with the Siberian Husky.
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3. Arrival at Lovozero and transfer to your cottage by the lake on a snowmobile. Check into your hotel and join the programme «Dedication to the northern peoples».

Day 4

Today you will be visiting Kirovsk. Check into your Kirovsk hotel. Meals included: Breakfast Activities of the day: 1. Visiting the Snow village. 2. Stone Museum. 3. Skiing 4. Tour «Hunting for Nothern Lights» (Subject to changes)*** Included: - Ski-pass for 2-3 hours
- Ski equipment rental - Snowmobile tour through the valley (1 hour).

Snow Village
Snow Village, Murmansk.
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Day 5

All good things come to an end.  
Check out from the hotel and your guide will send you to the Airport.

*** You will only go on 1 Northern Lights tour. There are 3 tours listed on the itinerary to tell you that this tour may happen anytime. Only God knows when. 
Need more reassurance? Click here and here to check out more photos and video! 


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